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This component allows you to align and center your page content.


Add the .uk-container class to a block element to give it a max-width and wrap the main content of your website. The element will be centered and have padding on the sides, that adapts automatically for large screens.

Note The padding of nested containers will be removed to avoid unnecessary spacing.

<div class="uk-container"></div>

Size modifiers

Add one of the following classes to the container to apply a different max-width.

Class Description
.uk-container-xsmall Add this class for a xsmall container.
.uk-container-small Add this class for a small container.
.uk-container-large Add this class for a large container.
.uk-container-xlarge Add this class for a xlarge container.
.uk-container-expand Add this class, if you do not want to limit the container width but still want the dynamic horizontal padding.
<div class="uk-container uk-container-xsmall"></div>

<div class="uk-container uk-container-small"></div>

<div class="uk-container uk-container-large"></div>

<div class="uk-container uk-container-xlarge"></div>

<div class="uk-container uk-container-expand"></div>

Container in sections

You can apply this component to modify the width of content inside sections from the Section component.

<div class="uk-section uk-section-primary">
    <div class="uk-container uk-container-small"></div>