Create a style

Extend UIkit and add your own unique style.

Styles are just a set of variables. They change the look of a present theme. You can create unlimited styles for each theme. To create your own style, follow these steps:

1. Create the style directory

Create your style folder here /custom/THEME-NAME/styles/STYLE-NAME.

2. Add your style

Create a blank style.less file in the /custom/THEME-NAME/styles/STYLE-NAME folder. Now you can add new variable declarations manually or use the Customizer. When you are finished, hit the Get Less button in the Customizer and save the file in your style folder.

3. Customizer and Tests

Run the gulp task indexthemes on the UIkit directory to make your newly created style available in the Customizer and tests.

4. Continue customizing

Now you can continue to customize your style.