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JavaScript Options

Option Value Default Description
url String The request url.
multiple Boolean false Allow multiple files to be uploaded.
name String files[] The name parameter.
type String POST The request type.
params Object {} Additional parameters.
allow String false File name filter. (eg. *.png)
mime String false File MIME type filter. (eg. images/*)
maxSize Number 0 The maximum file size per file. (kB)
concurrent Number 1 Number of files that will be uploaded simultaneously.
type String The expected response data type (xml, json, script, or html).
i18n Object null Override default translation texts.
cls-dragover String uk-dragover File name filter.
abort Function The abort callback.
before-all Function The beforeAll callback.
before-send Function The beforeSend callback.
complete Function The complete callback.
complete-all Function The completeAll callback.
error Function The error callback.
load Function The load callback.
load-end Function The loadEnd callback.
load-start Function The loadStart callback.
progress Function The progress callback.
fail Function The fail callback. If name or MIME type are invalid.


Key Default Description
invalidMime Invalid File Type: %s Error message for invalid file type.
invalidName Invalid File Name: %s Error message for invalid file name.
invalidSize Invalid File Size: %s Kilobytes Max Error message for invalid file size.